Monday, January 26, 2015

Postcard Sent - MY-244767

I chose this postcard for Julie because she has a lot of lavender picture cards on her favourites.  I bought this card from Pipit Zakka Store when I was staying in KL.  Cosy wooden little store. Miss it a lot.

Julie dreams to visit France and so I added a "I love Paris" sticker for her. I hope her dream come true some day.

Postcard Sent - MY-245487

I chose this card because Marina requested for vintage Eiffel Tower.  This series of European postcards was a birthday gift from my brother and sister in law last year. Love it to bits.

I also added some hearts stamp stickers as Marina collects hearts.  It's an interesting collection and I hope she gets to collect many lovely hearts ^^

Sunday, January 25, 2015

My Rest Day Therapy

Whenever I can grab a slot of free time, this will be what I enjoy doing most. ^^ 

I'm thankful for having time to do this today on my rest day.  

Friday, October 10, 2014

#126 Postcard Sent - MY-223576

My sister bought me this Langkawi Island card on her vacation.  She is always so sweet to remember me whenever she travels.  ^^  Neways, I chose this card for Narciso because he likes nights in the city and monuments/sculptures.  

Narciso received his card on 11/10/2014

“Hello and thank you for the beautiful card. I really like it. I hope you have a nice day!”

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Handmade Parcel to Taiwan

Teacher Josephine is a dear friend and mentor who has recently moved to Taiwan.  She is always so supportive and encouraging on my works, buying my cards in bulk and visiting the coffee place I worked a lot before she moved.  Lately she saw my hand drawn coaster and loved it.  And so I drew half a dozen and delivered it over to her with a simple little card.  Hope the handmade parcel will give a smile on her face :) 

#120 Postcard Received - FI-2212174

Love this card and love the coffee info on it that it shares.  Postcards on coffee packets! Imagine that, two of my favourite things together.  That's so cool.  Also happy to learn another coffee brand Paulig, a Finnish family business since 1876! Wow!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

#125 Postcard Sent - MY-223999

I choose this card for Yang Xiao because she is an animal lover.  Also because the hornbill is rare and special from Sarawak, thought she might like that.

Yang Xiao received her card on 05/10/2014

“Hi there,

Thank you for your card. I have friends also come from east Malaysia. I always wanted to visit Sarawak. I saw on the TV it is a very beautiful place.

Yang Xiao”